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    Dsyatsky V.V.


    About the author: Dsyatsky V.V.
    Type of article Научная статья
    Annotation Reduced variablity of kindled rats swimming was reversed by L- arginine (500 mg/kg, i.p.) by 19,0% pertained to that one detected in kindled not- treated animals (control). L- arginine and L-NAME did not influence the variability of intact rats swimming. The increased threshold of kindled rats escape from water pool was reversed by L- arginine (200,0 and 500,0 mg/kg) by 65,3% and 119,7% correspondently. L-NAME (10,0 mg/kg) caused the threshold elevation by 71,2%. L- arginine induced the elevation while L-NAME decreased the threshold of intact rats escape – correspondently by 22,4 and 37,5% when used in maximal dosages. Kindling- induced reduction of the aggressive reactions threshold was reversed by L-arginine (500,0 mg/kg) by 29,0%. L-NAME (10,0 mg/kg) suppressed the threshold of animal fights by 23,3%. L- arginine (500,0 mg/kg) when used in intact rats caused the elevation of the aggressive reactions threshold by 24,8%.
    Tags kindling, epileptic activity, swimming behavior, aggressiveness, nitrogen oxide
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    Publication of the article «World of Medicine and Biology» №1(28), 2011 year, 14-18 pages, index UDK 612.821.7+ 616.853