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    Prybytko I.Yu., Kharchenko M.M.


    About the author: Prybytko I.Yu., Kharchenko M.M.
    Type of article Научная статья
    Annotation In dogs with intact nervous system (INS) addition of fat in dose 27,6 kkal/kg didn't influence the time of emptying of carbohydrate food (CF) from stomach and on exponential character of gastric emptying. Augmentation of doses of fat to 33,6 kkal/kg lead to increasing of time of emptying of CF from stomach by 43% and gastric emptying loose exponential character. The vagotomy of pylorus increasing the time of emptying of CF from stomach with addition of fat in dose 33,6 kkal/kg by 8 %. But the time of emptying from stomach such dose of fat was by 24% smaller in comparison with dogs with INS. For prevention of postoperative complication in patients after Whipple procedure is necessary to create some special dietary recommendations for them.
    Tags vagotomy of pylorus, gastric emptying, fat
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    Publication of the article «World of Medicine and Biology» №3(30), 2011 year, 24-27 pages, index UDK 612.332.3+616.833.191-089