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    Zhurakivska O. Ya.


    About the author: Zhurakivska O. Ya.
    Type of article Научная статья
    Annotation Research devoted to the study of morpho-functional organization pituitary-neurohypophysial system in the early period of postnatal ontogenesis. The survey used the hypothalamus and neurohypophysis of 30 rats Wistar males aged 1, 15 and 30 days. Used histological and electronnomicroscopic methods. Found that in infant’s rats in young neurons of supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei existing isolated immature neurosecretory granules that are found in axons of neurohypophysis. Glial cells undifferentiated, and only unmyelinated nervous fibers are in the neuropole, axo-somatic and axo-dendritic synapses. Blood-brain barrier is not formed and characterized by direct contact of neurons and capillaries. Neurohypophysis consists of small terminal branches of axons, which mainly contain synaptic vesicles, surrounded on all sides by pituicytes, single axo-vasal synapses. With increasing period of postnatal ontogenesis neurons differentiated into light and dark neurosecretory cells that contain well-developed protein-synthesizing apparatus and neurosecretory mature granules. Among glial cells allocated protoplasmic and fibrous astrocytes, oligodendrogliocytes and microglial cells. In neuropole appear myelinated nervous fibers. Continued formation of blood-brain barrier, which formed from capillary wall and processes of glial cells. In neurohypophysis increasing number of axo-vasal synapses, appear Herring cells. In the terminal endings of axons localizing young, mature and diffusing neurosecretory granules.
    Tags supraoptical nucleus, paraventricular nucleus, neurohypophysis, ontogenesis
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    Publication of the article «World of Medicine and Biology» №2(33), 2012 year, 98-103 pages, index UDK 611.814.1 + 611.814.3