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    Pohil S.I., Toryanik I., Timchenko A.N., Chigirinskaya N.A., Kostyrya I.


    About the author: Pohil S.I., Toryanik I., Timchenko A.N., Chigirinskaya N.A., Kostyrya I.
    Type of article Review article
    Annotation The presented paper is devoted to the study of experimental use of mice gerbils (mice family, Muridae; subspecies - gerbils, Gerbillinae) in Medical Parasitology. The work contains a brief historical data on the use of experimental animals in research, programs, projects, and their trends, analysis of the results, possible prospects. Specialists are given prerogatives and advantages of mice use in the laboratory (70% of the total number of experimental animals in the world of science is given to mice). The authors have shown a generalized information concerning methods of content gerbils in captivity, breeding, fattening of specificity, habits, some aspects of animal psychology and their inherent natural socialization.
    Tags mouse gerbil, experiment, medical parasitology, history, selection, content zoopsychology
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    Publication of the article «World of Medicine and Biology» №3(51) 1 part 2015 year, 150-153 pages, index UDK 599.323.41:616.981.452(470.6)