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    Sovgirya S. N., Starchenko I. I., Proskurnia S. A., Vynnyk N. I., Tykhonova O. A.


    About the author: Sovgirya S. N., Starchenko I. I., Proskurnia S. A., Vynnyk N. I., Tykhonova O. A.
    Type of article Scentific article
    Annotation Primary-multiple malignant tumors (PMMT, polyneoplasia) are considered as simultaneous or consecutive independent development of two or more malignant tumors. The PMMT incidence is increasing every year and accounts for the average of 2,3 per 100 000 of population. More accurate diagnosis as well as the increase in life expectancy of primary tumors patients contributes to the rise of the incidence of multiple neoplasms. One of the reasons for the PMMT development is the lymphoproliferative diseases, accompanied by the apparent immune deficiency. However, such cases are not sufficiently described in the publications. We reported about the clinical case of synchronous PMMTs, namely, B-cell malignant diffuse lymphoma and bronhioloalveolar carcinoma of the lower portion of the left lung with multiple metastases. The 57-year-old patient K., who was treated at the Hematological Unit of the Regional Clinical Hospital during 5 days with regards of B-cell malignant diffuse lymphoma from the small lymphocytes, Stage ІV with leukemization, with affection of brain and liver. Despite the therapeutic activities, the patient died. The postmortem study confirmed the presence of diffuse lymphoma from the small lymphocytes during the patient’s life. In addition, a tumor-like excrescence of the grayish tissue was detected in the lower portion of the left lung, which microscopically was presented by the prismatic and cuboid atypical cells. The described microscopic picture enabled to diagnose the neoplasm as bronhioloalveolar carcinoma. Thus, the bronhioloalveolar carcinoma with multiple metastases, revealed during the postmortem study, (undiagnosed in the life of the patient) allowed two separate independent nosologies (synchronous PMMTs) to be considered as the basic disease: B-cell malignant diffuse lymphoma from small lymphocytes, Stage ІV with leukemization, with brain injury and bronhioloalveolar carcinoma of the lower left lung with multiple metastases. These nosologies in the structure of the basic disease should be considered as the competitive ones, since each of them could lead to patient’s death.
    Tags polyneoplasia, В – cell malignant diffuse lymphoma, bronhioloalveolar carcinoma
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    Publication of the article «World of Medicine and Biology» №2(60), 2017 year, 113-116 pages, index UDK 616.155.392+616.23/24-006.5