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    Shegedin A. Yu., Yashchenko A. M.


    About the author: Shegedin A. Yu., Yashchenko A. M.
    Type of article Scentific article
    Annotation The combination of carbohydrate domains of nuclear and cell membranes, glycosylated cytoplasmic and nuclear structures and extracellular matrix components are coined by the term of glycome. Rapid glycome restructuring occurs during embryonic development and postnatal morphogenesis. A large number of publications showed that extensive restructuring of carbohydrate determinants occurs during spermatogenesis, but we couldn’t find any published work that regarded to changes of rat testis’ glycome throughout successive stages of postnatal morphogenesis. By using lectin histochemistry and PAS reaction it is possible to study the changes of carbohydrate determinants of glycopolymers during postnatal development of testis. 15 females of Wistar rats weighting 180-200g each were used in current study, whose offspring at 20th prenatal day of development, 1st, 20th and 40th days of postnatal developments were analyzed. Animals were killed by narcosis overdose and testis of males were fixed in in Bouin’s solution. General morphology paraffin sections of 5-7 µm were stained with H&E. Tissue carbohydrates were revealed by PAS reaction with subsequent counterstaining with hematoxylin. Carbohydrate determinants of biopolymers were studied using a set of lectins (Con A, PSA, GNA, PNA, VAA, CNFA). We have detected that morphogenic processes are accompanied by intense rearrangement of glycoconjugates, in particular, lectin binding carbohydrates within structural components of the testis. Mannose-specific lectins can be recommended as a selective histochemical markers of fetal Leydig cells, galactose-specific lectins – for specific labeling of acrosomes of rat sperm cells. Postnatal testicular morphogenesis is accompanied by rapid remodeling of glycoconjugates specific to studied lectin. Mannose specific lectins PSA, GNA, and Con A served as selective histochemical markers of Leydig cells, galactose specific lectins PNA, VAA and CNFA - as markers of acrosomal systems of rat sperm cells. Glycoconjugates recognized by both lectin groups were expressed by leptotene and zygotene spermatocytes starting from 20th day of postnatal development. Broadening of the spectrum of studied carbohydrate determinants by means of lectins specific to terminal N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine, N-Acetyl-D-galactosamine, L-fucose and sialic acids. Investigation of the influence of experimental pathology (altered balance of maternal thyroid hormones, in particular) on testicular glycoconjugates in offsprings.
    Tags rat testis, postnatal morphogenesis, lectin histochemistry, glycome
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    Publication of the article «World of Medicine and Biology» №2(60), 2017 year, 174-178 pages, index UDK 611.631-019-018:547547.96]-08