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    Stetsuk Ye.V., Akimov O.Ye., Shepitko K.V., Boruta N.V., Goltsev A.N.


    About the author: Stetsuk Ye.V., Akimov O.Ye., Shepitko K.V., Boruta N.V., Goltsev A.N.
    Type of article Scentific article
    Annotation Disturbance in production of nitric oxide (NO) may lead to various changes in different organs and systems. Certain clinical situations require prolonged usage of inhibitors of testosterone synthesis. Scientific literature provides limited information regarding the influence of prolonged deprivation of testosterone synthesis on production of NO and microscopic organization of rats’ testes. Prolonged central deprivation of testosterone synthesis leads to endothelial dysfunction, development of fibrosis, decreases the nitric oxide production and shifts pro-/antioxidant balance in favor of the pro-oxidants without increase in lipid peroxidation intensity. Central deprivation of testosterone synthesis leads to fibrosis with subsequent disruption of the structural organization of the convoluted seminiferous tubules, hemodynamic disturbances, endothelial dysfunction, increased density of the vascular wall of blood vessels and systemic stasis. Decreased production of NO from constitutive isoforms of NO-synthase plays major role in development of structural changes in the interstitial tissue of testes on the 270th day of the experiment.
    Tags testes; rats; diphereline; oxidative stress; nitric oxide; fibrosis
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    Publication of the article «World of Medicine and Biology» №3(73), 2020 year, 211-215 pages, index UDK 612.0616.31:583.323.7
    DOI 10.26724/2079-8334-2020-3-73-211-215