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    Blagodarov V.N., Danylishyna M.V., Lagoda N.N., Rudnitskaya O.G., Ivanova M.D.


    About the author: Blagodarov V.N., Danylishyna M.V., Lagoda N.N., Rudnitskaya O.G., Ivanova M.D.
    Type of article Научная статья
    Annotation Structural changes of miocardium at the atherogenic dislipoproteidemia have different morphologic features. It is caused by combination in parallel proceeding against a hypercholesterolemia of a myocardium of processes of alteration and adaptation. Morphofunctional equivalents related to metabolic activity of mitochondrial apparatus of ventricular cardiac hystiocytes in the intact and ischemic myocardium were learnt. The complex of general histological, hystochemical, electron- microscopic and cytochemical methods was applied. It was determined that activity of the oxidation-reduction ferments in the compensatory hyperfunctioning cardiac hystiocytes is caused by increase of metabolically active organelles in cells with displacement of their natural multifunctional heterogeneity to subcellular and cellular level. The rapid wear of active organelle caused essential differences of cardiac hystiocytes in the number of intermitochondrial contacts, and thus, predetermines the different level of alternative changes in the respective cells. This morphological changes lead to deficiency of cardiomyocytes and determinative of an infringement of the electric stability of the myocardium.
    Tags atherogenic dislipoproteidemia, energetic deficiency of the myocardium, hypercholesterolemia
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    Publication of the article «World of Medicine and Biology» №4(31), 2011 year, 20-23 pages, index UDK 616.127–018.1:577