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  • Procedure of articles consideration

    1. By submitting an article for release, an author thereby agrees with the placement of its full text on Internet official sites of the Scientific electronic library (www.elibrary.ru) and the publishing firm “The world of medicine and biology” (womаb.com.ua).

    2. Articles are accepted in accordance with the fixed timeline:

    In connection with the large number of incoming articles, the deadline for the receipt of articles in the nearest number can be shortened.

    3. The accepted articles are considered by the editorial board in the course of a month.

    4. The editorial board is entitled to send an article for additional reviewing.

    5. The editorial board is entitled to carry out the scientific and literary editing of the accepted materials; where applicable it is authorized to cut them upon consultation with the author, or, whereas the subject of an article is of interest for the magazine, to send the article back to the author for refining. If the article was revised by the author in the process of preparation for publication, the date of receipt is the day of receipt of the final text.

    6. The Editorial board reserves the right to decline an article, if it is irresponsive to the applicable requirements or the subject of the magazine.

    7. In case the submitted article is rejected, the Editorial board sends the author a reasonable conclusion.

    8. Authors are notified by the Editorial board about the fact their articles have been received within 7 days. In a month after registration of the article the Editorial board informs the author about results of the article reviewing and of the terms of publishing the article. The order of publication of articles is approved by the editorial board according to the publication plan of the journal. The editors independently inform the author about all changes in the status of consideration of his article. If the participant disagrees with the editorial policy, the article may be withdrawn from publication without the right to reprint this article in this journal.

    9. The Editorial board sends the authors a free copy of a magazine, containing their published article.

    10. We would like to inform the authors that due to the short deadlines for preparing articles for publication, the author is obliged within 3 days after receiving comments from the editors, to notify the editors of the letter, and within 7 days of receiving comments, to make necessary changes to the article and send a corrected version. In case of non-compliance with the deadlines for making changes, the editors of the journal reserve the right to refuse the author's publication or postpone the publication of the article to a later date, which is determined by the editors.